/2011/ LE POÈME DE LA MER /an animated short film about the Sea. Ma degree project at Storytelling,Konstfack.Sthlm/


Delpiero_Soundtrack to a bar fight/2011

Brotherhood + Big talk /2009

Rewind & Fast Forward /2009

Exhibition invitation /2009

Horunge /2008

Happy Birthday Karl! /2008

Toy soldiers /2007

Julmysterium /2007

Music lines /2006

Pelvis proprius /2007

Letter to Anna /2006

Alcatraz + Treasure Island /2004-5

A sulky bull + An old donkey, not a sad dog /2003

 Aurora /1985?


Strong integration/ Stark kärnkraft
A short animated film about an uncomplicated love-affair
Based on a novell An Attempt to nuclear physics by J.H.Khemiri.


The little frogs/Små grodorna                                                         All I want for christmas is you                                                
/2008/                                                                                /2008/
Animation for a traditional swedish song. Visuals for a cover of a popular christmas song, originally performed by M. Carey. Organ playing by Karin Ahlin. Animation made in collaboration with Karin Ahlin. Organ playing by Karin Ahlin. Superman in Helsinki *****Limited edition available on DVD for 20sek + postage***** /2008/
e-mail for more info. A short film/school project made together with Karin Ahlin during the iStopMotion course. /2007/
A title sequence for an imaginary film.
/a school poject for an AE course/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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